A logo is an element of corporate identity, the face of your product and company. Your company is remembered by this sign, it will remain in the memory of the consumer.

Therefore, the properties that a good logo should have are as follows:

Ease of design. A simple logo is much faster and more memorable than a complex one.

Contrast. According to statistics, logos with contrasting colors are remembered much better than plain ones.

Vectorness. For clarification, let’s delve a little into the features of graphic images. All computer-generated drawings can be conditionally divided into two types: vector and raster images.

Vector images are built according to the so-called “vector system”: the color reproduction in such images is slightly worse than in raster graphics, but the image quality is not lost when it is enlarged.

Raster graphics are famous for their ability to use a wide variety of graphic effects, but at the same time they are very sensitive to any changes in the image scale. You probably noticed that when you enlarge a photo on your personal computer, the image is blurred, “squares” or “pixels” appear – this is one of the main disadvantages of raster graphics.

Since logos often have to be used on large stands, posters, etc., that is, it is necessary to enlarge the image and at the same time maintain its quality, vector graphics become an indispensable tool here. Logos in our studio are made mainly using vector technology.

Brightness. A colorful logo with “delicious” colors is sure to leave its mark on people’s minds.


Sophisticated logo for your brand

In some cases, the complexity of the logo is allowed. It depends on the specifics of the customer's business. If this activity is related to the development of new creative solutions, new technologies, etc., then a complex logo will come in handy here.

Although we should not forget that it is very difficult to convert a complex logo into a two-dimensional plan - on paper in a plane, a complex logo will lose its three-dimensional qualities and may become unreadable.

In the logo it is very important not only to hint at the main field of activity of the company, but also to introduce an element of unusualness, to interest customers. Of course, you shouldn’t get too carried away with this, but still, sometimes you really want to treat yourself and your customers to something “delicious”.

For example, it is not necessary to change the company's traditional business logo, but by releasing new products, you can apply the original logo on the packaging of these products by registering the appropriate trademark.


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