ADVERTISING BANNERS – they are always, everywhere and literally everyone who wants to learn about his goods or services and become interested. Banners are an attractive and original way to express yourself, show the best aspects of your product or service in a bright and memorable way.

Banners come in three main types:

1) Graphic. A drawing or alternating drawings is used.

2) FLASH and HTML5 banners are very colorful, animated and take up little space on your site.

3) Text banners – only text without graphics is used.

The advantages of each type of banners are in the features of their structure.

Graphic banners are beautiful, convenient, but the effects in such banners are limited by the graphic capabilities of the objects used.

Flash and HTML5 banners are one of the most effective ways to present your advertising message today. They do not overload your site with unnecessary information, they are very colorful, you can use a variety of effects in them.

Text banners or text messages are often used by Google. This is a short text description of your product or service, which is inserted on the pages of sites whose owners agree to place your advertisement.

The banner system is simple. You agree with the owners of visited sites to place your advertising banner on their site. A user who sees your banner and becomes interested in it, clicks on this banner and automatically goes to your site.

It is possible to place advertising banners not in the form of links to your site, but in the form of a simple advertising message. In this case, when clicking on the banner, the user will remain on the banner placement site.



A banner is a kind of advertising space on which you can place a wide variety of information:

  1. Address and phone number of your company.

  2. Place an image of your product with a brief description.

  3. Announce discounts, sales, seasonal promotions.

  4. Email address and your website.

A banner differs from an advertising message placed in a newspaper or magazine in that it is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and the audience it covers is many hundreds of times larger (one and the same banner can be placed on thousands of sites that are visited daily by dozens of thousand people).


We understand that the interest of your potential customers depends on how your banner looks. Therefore, we try to make banners colorful and attractive.

We have a minimum production time of banners - up to 5 working days.

Our studio employs specialists in marketing and advertising activities, so your banner will be made taking into account all the advertising nuances.

If you decide to make your business more successful, if you agree to attract an additional audience of customers to your product or service, if you are used to working with professionals in your field, then do not waste time, order a banner right now!

And remember - your competitors can do it earlier...

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