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  • Increasing the level of awareness in the market

  • Improving the effectiveness of advertising campaigns

  • Increasing sales as a result

  • Improving the visual appeal of the brand

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Do you want an effective corporate identity?


Corporate identity is a combination of text and graphic design of your brand, TM or product, which will allow the consumer to recognize you among thousands of competitors.

Corporate identity also includes a set of rules for the use of individual branding elements (placement on product packaging, labels, advertising flyers, banners, etc.).

Important facts about corporate identity

Why do you need a unique corporate identity?

  • A logo is a graphic representation of the image and ideology of a company or brand. The main task of the logo is to promote recognition of you and your product in the market. This is a kind of concise story about the product, mission and principles of the enterprise.
  • Sales suffer from branding mistakes. Complex graphic elements confuse the consumer.
  • An inexpressive graphic concept will be lost in a sea of competitors.
  • Blatant plagiarism will play a cruel joke on your brand.
  • THOUGHT BRANDING allows the consumer to find exactly your company in a saturated advertising stream, will significantly save the company’s costs at the stage of launching a new brand on the market, and will significantly increase the effectiveness of your advertising.

Develop a corporate identity – what’s included?

  • a brand book that includes a complete visual representation of your company or product
  • unique inscription of the company name (TP, brand)
  • recommendations on the use of branding elements in product design and advertising campaigns
  • template design (business documents, business cards, flyers, banners)
  • advertising text fonts
  • your brand colors
  • background texture
  • tagline
  • attached graphic element

Corporate identity determines your place in the market of goods and services


“Design is not how a thing looks! It’s how it works, its deep essence”

Steve Jobs

Design is not how things look! This is how it works, its deep essence

Steve Jobs


“A beautifully crafted stupid proposal will go much further than a poorly crafted great idea.”

Scott Adams

“A beautifully crafted stupid proposal will go much further than a poorly crafted great idea.”

Scott Adams