Сontextual advertising

Google, Yandex, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube

  • Setting up, filling out, maintaining
  • Modern formats, strategies and technologies
  • Improving the effectiveness of existing advertising campaigns
  • Increasing conversion rates, making the most efficient use of budgets

Advertising should bring orders!

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Do you want effective advertising?


Contextual advertising is a system of advertisements in Google, Yandex, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, which is displayed when a user enters a specific search query – he is shown the most appropriate advertisements for the query, among which may be yours!

Contextual advertising allows you to quickly get potential customers without waiting for the natural organic promotion of the brand and SEO optimization of the site. Therefore, we recommend ordering contextual advertising on Google and social networks immediately after the launch of your project.

Why do we recommend to order contextual advertising?

Quick sales

Promotion of sites in a natural way, when the site moves to the first lines in the search results, is a rather lengthy process. And sales need to be made already.

Contextual advertising comes to the rescue – after all, its capabilities are limited only by your budget.

From the first days of the site’s existence, you can run contextual advertising – and your ads will be found at the very top of the search.

The higher the user sees your ads, the more clicks to the site you will receive as a result. And the more people learn about your company or product, the more orders you CAN get in the future.

Thus it is really important to give your company advertising to professionals who will be able to bring new customers to your business.

How often to advertise?

Contextual advertising must be given on an ongoing basis. Getting the first orders from contextual advertising does not mean that it needs to be stopped. Ads are like a snowball build up gradually, and ad breaks roll you back to where you started.

Our experts will help you correctly distribute advertising budgets so that it is as profitable as possible for your business.

Please note that your competitors advertise regularly, and, let’s tell you a secret, they periodically increase their budgets for it in order to be in the TOP advertising issue.

At its core, contextual advertising is a race or an auction, which is won by the one who does it regularly and thoughtfully.

And not only sales

Yes, contextual advertising on Google, Yandex or social networks is the most effective way to reach potential customers, expand the audience that will know about your brand and products and may become your buyers in the near future.

But it doesn’t always sell.

Many mistakenly believe that as soon as you advertise, sales will fall. This is wrong. In fact, contextual advertising creates a field of potential sales, informing potential customers about your existence, increases your brand awareness, which can lead to sales in the future. Therefore, the effect of contextual advertising is always delayed in time. The period before the first sales depends on the degree of demand for your product or service in the market and its commercial attractiveness.

How do we set up ads?

FOLKWEB web design studio specialists will make a detailed analysis of the competitive environment of your site, select the most suitable list of keywords for the project, develop effective advertisements, as well as banners for display in Google or Yandex.

All banners, keywords and ads are approved with the customer before launch. Thus, we achieve maximum harmony between the effectiveness of advertising and its compliance with the ideology of the advertised company.

During the entire period of the advertising campaign, we will modify ads taking into account competitive movements, achieving maximum efficiency from contextual advertising.

And you – to get more and more new customers and, of course, profit.

Advertising is the engine of development


“No one will count how many times you advertised, everyone will remember only the impression that you made”

Bill Bernbach

“No one will count how many times you advertised, everyone will remember only the impression that you made”

Bill Bernbach


“Only the mint can make money without advertising”

Thomas Macaulay

“Only the mint can make money without advertising”

Thomas Macaulay