Sometimes it seems that designers and their clients were born on different planets in different worlds and in general are made of completely different materials.

How else can one explain the fundamental difference in these two works of nature?

The designer wants to make the work more expensive, to stretch the terms of the order as much as possible, and the client wants exactly the opposite: faster and cheaper.

Both are easy to understand, but the balance is not always achieved. Often, in pursuit of cheapness, customers get exactly what they pay for, namely, outright hack work. How not to get into trouble?

There are three main options:

  1. Turn to solid, venerable studios, with a name and reputation. It’s like buying exclusively Swiss watches, Japanese computers and German knives. You will never be mistaken in quality – the product will be perfect, but remember that when buying, you will pay not only for the item, but also for the name (brand) of the manufacturer (approximately 20% of the cost).
  2. Soberly assess the situation, look at the work of the studio, and if they suit you, do not beat the price offered by the design studio. This is not a bazaar, so bargaining can significantly affect the quality of the work performed. Remember the golden rule – “Every work has its own price”, so how much you pay, this is the work.
  3. Be clear about your desired outcome. The more accessible and detailed you explain the order, the more likely it will meet your tastes. Designers are literal people. Therefore, if you say “I want a yellow frame on a blue background here”, they, guided by the rule “The client is always right, even if he is wrong”, will show you nothing more than a yellow frame on a blue background. If you need a golden frame on a blue background, just say “Golden frame on blue” about it, or even better, let the studio use its brains and offer you several options to choose from.
Дизайнеры и клиенты

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