logo is an element of a corporate identity, the face of your product and company.This sign will become a memory of your firm, it will flash in the memory of your consumer whenever he or she will think of your company. Therefore, the features of a good logo are the following:

Simplicity. A simple logo is much faster and better remembered than complicated one.

Contrast. According to statistics, logos using contrasting colors are much more memorable than monochromatic ones.

Vectorization. For clarification, let us dive into the features of graphic images. All the drawings made on the computer can be conditionally divided into two types: vector and bitmap images.

Vector images are built on the so-called “system of vectors”: the color rendition in such images is slightly worse than in the raster graphics, but the image quality is not lost no matter how much you scale it.

Raster graphics is famous for its usage of a wide variety of graphics effects, but it is very sensitive to any changes in the scale of the image. Perhaps you noticed that when you enlarge a photo on your personal computer, the image becomes blurred, “squares” or “pixels” appear – this is one of the main drawbacks of raster graphics.

Since logos often have to be used on large stands, posters, etc., with the necessity to enlarge the image and at the same time preserve its quality – vector graphics become an indispensable tool here.

Brightness. A colorful logo with “tasty” colors will surely have a positive influence on your potential customers.

In some cases, the logo has to be more complicated. It depends on the specifics of the customer’s activities. If this activity is connected with the development of new creative solutions, new technologies, etc., then a complex logo will be useful here. Although we should not forget that a complex logo is very difficult to transform into a two-dimensional shape – on a paper a complex logo will lose its three-dimensional qualities and may become unreadable.

In the logo it is very important not only to give hint about the main direction of the company, but also to introduce an element of unusualness, to make customers interested. Of course, you should not get carried away with it, but sometimes you want to treat yourself and your customers with something “tasty”.

Logos, developed in our studio, from simple to incredible ones, are used today in rather progressive areas: in the press, advertising agencies, charity funds, entertainment portals, translation agencies, and trading companies.

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