Contextual advertising is the system of advertisements, which are displayed when the user enters a specific search query – he or she is shown the most suitable advertisements, among which your ones may be!

Advantages of contextual advertising

Promotion of sites in a natural way, when a site moves to the first lines in search results, is a quite a long process. And what if you already need to make sales? Help comes with the contextual advertising – its capabilities are limited by your budget only.

From the first days of the site’s existence, you can run contextual advertising – and your ads will be found at the very top of the search page. The higher the user sees your ads – the more visits to your sites you are going to get.

Order contextual advertising in FolkWeb

Specialists of our studio will compile a detailed analysis of the competitive environment of your site, select the most suitable keyword list for the project, develop effective advertisements, and banners for display on Google or any other web search site.

During the entire period of the advertising campaign we will modify the ads taking into account competitive movements, and achieving maximum efficiency from contextual advertising.

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