Copywriting is a special kind of writing texts that has advertising and marketing goals. The main task of the copywriter is to persuade a potential customer to buy a product or service.

Why copywriting is so important for business?

Copywriting is, perhaps, a key online marketing tool that allows you to implement strategic delivery of words to search engines, which will eventually raise your site higher on the search pages. And also will motivate your visitors to make buy something from your website.

Generally, copywriting is a text component of any advertising message. Therefore, the nature of the whole advertising message will depend on the level at which the text is executed.

Advertising can be of two kinds: high-quality and low-quality. All the rest is derived from these two categories.

What is a low-quality advertising? Unfortunately – most of what we see on TV, hear on the radio or read in the newspapers.

Low-quality advertising has the following properties:

1) It is not pleasant to look at it, you just wait until it ends.

2) After the viewing, you sit and think “Hmm, what did they want to say?”.

3) You curse “advertisers” who invented the very concept of advertising when you saw what they showed to you.

Good advertising today, as always, a great rarity. Here are its main qualities, which they try to forget:

1) Informative versus intrusive. Good advertising works 80% with your reasonable part and only 20% with the emotional one, from it you get maximum information about what exactly the product is, and not about how good it is and that it must necessarily be bought, because so did George Washington or David Beckham.

2) Absence of imperative appeals such as “You have to buy it from us”, “Nobody knows how to work, only we do”, “You will regret if you do not buy this product.” Slogans like “We are on the market for 10 years” also fall out of the criteria for a good advertising.

3) Good advertising should be “delicious” This means that with the help of certain stylistic, graphic and sound effects it is necessary to provoke genuine interest of the viewer.

About advertising of services of copywriters

We analyzed information about the services of copywriters on several respected sites.

The first rule of successful advertising prohibits criticizing competitors, so we will consider just approaches that they use. For convenience, first citations will be given, and then their comments (for ethical reasons, sources of quotations are not indicated).

Example 1.

Do you need a text that makes the reader spend money? Our copywriters – experts in their field – know what words make people do what the advertiser needs.

Quite an aggressive offer. We divide it into its component parts. “Do you need a text that makes the reader spend money?” – the key words are “need”, “text”, “make”, “spend money”. That is, your attention is offered a weapon with which you will “break” potential customers, zombify, hypnotize them to buy your goods.

The continuation of the phrase confirms the idea of ​​zombification: “Our copywriters – experts in their field – know what words make people do what the advertiser needs.”

Simply terrible things. Which advertiser wants to be guilty of stealing human souls, which a team of malicious copywriters (directly devils of some kind) will bring him on a silver plate?

Here, too, the probability that copywriters can make a candy from something unattractive can be implied. And it all goes to the conclusion that as a result, you are offered not advertising, but what is popularly called “lie ads”, and at the same time – professional lie ads. Only it will never become a quality advertisement.

Example 2.

Do you develop or update a website, but do you have difficulty writing the text? We know what and how to write on the site, it would make a profit.

Again, the emphasis is on profits. What intuitively involves working at the level of emotions. Not the most profitable option.

Example 3.

We know how to name a product or firm, that they would be popular.

And again emotions. People offer you nothing more than a cart in front of a horse. The firm will be popular, they say, if you effectively name it. “How do you call a yacht, so it will float” – an assertion that seems right, but in fact – absolutely wrong.

Let’s recall the SONY company. What would you say about this name, without knowing the products of this company? It sounds somehow dissonant for the domestic ear – “Sonya”, is this a name or something? And nevertheless, if in the market you would choose your own quality products, from the companies “Super-duper goods from Kenya” and “SONY” you would choose the latter.

Look closely at the quality of advertising. Very often, copywriters give out their illiteracy in self-promotion.

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