Mailing lists or email marketing is a service of a periodic “reminder” mailing of information about products or services on the mail database of your customers.

Why mailing lists?

The target audience. Unlike “cold calls”, the Internet and outdoor advertising, as well as flyers, mailing lists are always a reference only to the target audience, which is 100% interested in your product.
Efficiency. Mailing list is formed in a few hours, but it reaches hundreds of potential buyers. Inform about your special offers and a huge audience in a couple of hours!
High conversion. Quite a large percentage of those who receive the mailing list make targeted actions – they go to yout web-site and buy goods. It is profitable!

Features of our newsletters:

We never go into SPAM, because we use an unobtrusive approach to recipients, as well as colorful design and vivid visualization.
Detailed analysis – statistics is provided for each mailing list: about its readers, visited links, etc.

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