Technical progress shares its standards of behavior and communication, so in our life, sooner or later the moment comes when we need a personal page or a website in the Internet.

A personal website is an opportunity to significantly expand the scope of your activities: information on your site can be read far away of your country; it is an attribute of a business person who cares about his or her future. The site is the face of its owner, a part of its style.

On your website you can:

  • Place information about the product, including illustrative material.
  • Submit your resume.
  • Share samples of work: poems, songs, photocopies of paintings.
  • If you are a politician, then on your personal Internet page you can report about the work done or planned.
  • Are you a teacher? Place material on your own site on your website, inform your students about scheduled examinations and exam questions.
  • If you have a hobby and you want to find like-minded people, then a website dedicated to your favorite business is what you need. Let’s do it together.

Our project appeared in 2005 as a national studio for the design of websites and web applications.

Since then, we work exclusively on the principles of functional design:

  • In functional design there is nothing superfluous. If there is a button on the site, it is not there for decoration and not for intimidating visitors, but will lead you to a certain page of the site, or perform some other useful FUNCTION.
  • The lack of cumbersome graphics, without which you can do – “Minimum graphics – maximum sense.”
  • The design of the site is selected in accordance with the main idea of ​​the site, the company-customer, the advertised products. The shape will always correspond to the content.
  • Why do people make things complicated if they can be simplified? The question that we want to ask some designers. In FUNCTIONAL design there is nothing superfluous.
  • Virtually there are no “lyrical digressions” in the form of flash-screensavers, excessive decoration of tables, patterns, flowers and importunate animation, flashing before the eyes in the form of flying hearts, flashing-sparkling pictures and other things – all this is not so much beautiful as complicating work with a site, irritating your  eyes.
  • Our projects are compact and minimalistic.


You can order a website or corporate identity using our contact information.

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