Order a domain for the site – what do you need to know?

The effectiveness of website promotion depends on the address your site. Therefore, the choice of a domain name should be approached very seriously.

  • Use your company name as a domain name. For example, if your company is called “Best Sites”, do not name your site www.websites4all.comwww.bestwebsites.com will be better, trust us!
  • Give your sites short, catchy names. Your visitors will be very unhappy typing something like www.thebesttshirtsandsocksandeventrousersers.org.ca
  • Use the appropriate “speaking” domain names. For example, if you have a non-profit organization or a charitable foundation, it is better to use the .org domain instead of .com. And of course you don’t need the .ca domain for a company located in the CIS.

As for domain zones, we recommend the universal option – .com. If you have a trademark registered in Ukraine and the budget allows, then you can register the site name with the ending .ua

Unlike new .club, .pro and similar domain names, simple and traditional .com, .com.ua, .ua can be promoted much better and more stable.

Domains or website addresses play a very important role in promoting your site and brand. A simple website address is easy to remember, and if you think in advance and buy all the addresses that are closest to your brand, then in the future you can avoid an unpleasant situation when competitors start buying domains similar to yours.

Sooner or later a domain will become the second name of your company, because customers will begin their first acquaintance with your brand and products with your domain name.

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