Order hosting – how not to make a mistake?

A website hosting is a place for your website that you buy from hosting providers. We will help you buy and configure hosting specifically for your project so that your site works perfectly. Order hosting for the site, you can send us a request from the CONTACTS page .

When choosing a hosting it is important to consider:

  • disk space for the site,
  • PHP support for the correct version,
  • amount of RAM,
  • need of a dedicated server,
  • the ability to connect multiple domain names to your hosting plan and so on.

As a rule, you can host many of your sites on one hosting, here you can also create your own mailboxes and store corporate mail.

The cost of hosting depends directly on the purchased disk space. The larger the volume and the longer you purchase, the greater the savings.

To successfully promote a site in search results, it is recommended to extend the hosting service for at least 3 years – so the search engine sees that the site is not one-day and gives it a greater level of trust than sites that have been hosting for six months or a year.


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