Today the clients of our studio have a new service – “PHOTOALBUM ON A DISC”.

Not just photos written to a disk. Photo album on the disc from our studio is a short music video in which your photos will be placed in the most exotic conditions: on the beach, in a three-dimensional album with flipping pages, or other different locations.

Photoshow is accompanied with a melodious pleasant music, which you can choose yourself, as well as signatures that you can also offer to your taste.

Your personal photo album on the disc is a wonderful gift to your loved ones, it’s a memory that does not burn out in the sun like ordinary photos.

Many of our customers have already been able to evaluate our service “Photo album on the disk.”

When it can come in handy – “PHOTOALBUM ON THE DISC”:

Do you have a graduation party? Do you want the graduation ceremony at school or university to stay in memory for long? Now it’s possible with a photo album on the disc.

Choose the best photos, choose the music – all the rest will be done by our specialists. And after many years you will be able to remember your classmates the way they were at that wonderful moment of graduation, and the music you danced to at the graduation. And your children and grandchildren will rejoice, looking at how bright was your graduation evening long ago.

Simply Birthday can be made a Super Birthday with a photo album on the disc. From ordinary photos we will create an unforgettable photo story with titles, funny signatures, individual scenes and even series.

A pleasant gift for you and your friends

Do you want to give a piece of yourself to a beloved person? Send us photos from your most memorable photo shoot and we will make for you an unforgettable photo-video. Your face in the sweet waves of the pleasant melodic music will surely remain in the soul of the person to whom you will present your photo album.

Photo album on the disc is one of the most effective ways to express yourself. And not only on Valentine’s Day.

Do you have a wedding? Photo album on the disc will save your wedding photos for a long time without losing color quality. The most beautiful day in your life will remain as a pleasant memory.

Are you in a bad mood? No problem. With the photo album on the disc, it’s easy to fix. Order a photo album with photos, where you feel great. And every time you look through this album on your computer or DVD player, you will come back again and again to those joyful moments of your life. A great way to cheer up!

All the brightest moments of life in one album! Order a photo album on the disc and enjoy cooperation with professionals.


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