Technological progress dictates its own standards of behavior and communication, so sooner or later in our life there comes a moment when we need a personal page or website on the Internet.

A personal website on the Internet is an opportunity to significantly expand the field of your activity: information on your website can be read far beyond the borders of your country; this is an attribute of a business person who cares about his future; the site is the face of its owner, part of its style.

On your site you can:

  • Place information about the product, including illustrative material.

  • Submit your resume.
  • Share samples of your work: poems, songs, photocopies of paintings.
  • If you are a politician, then on your personal Internet page you can report to the voters about the work done or planned.
  • Are you a teacher? Place your course material on your own website, inform your students about visiting days, scheduled tests and exam questions.
  • If you have a hobby and want to find like-minded people, then a site dedicated to your favorite business is what you need. Let’s do it together.


Our project appeared in 2005 as a website and web application design studio. Since then, we have been working exclusively on the PRINCIPLES OF FUNCTIONAL DESIGN:

  1. There is nothing superfluous in functional design. If there is a button on the site, it is not there to decorate and not to intimidate visitors, but will lead you to a specific page of the site, or perform some other useful FUNCTION.

  2. The design of the site is selected in accordance with the main idea of the site, the company-customer, the advertised products. In no case will we sculpt a fat yellow hippopotamus with beads as a logo on your website about fashionable youth clothes - the form will always correspond to the content.

  3. Why complicate what can be simplified? A question that I want to ask some designers. There is nothing superfluous in FUNCTIONAL design.

  4. There are practically no “lyrical digressions” in the form of flash screensavers, squiggles decorating the outlines of tables, patterns, flowers and annoying animation that flashes before your eyes in the form of flying hearts, flashing sparkling pictures and other things - all this is not so much beautiful as it complicates work with site, besides irritating to the eyes. Patterns are allowed only with the persistent desire of the customer.

  5. The absence of bulky graphics, which you can do without - "Minimum graphics - maximum sense."

Order website design (Kyiv, Ukraine)

In FolkWeb, you can always order a website design with the maximum set of functions and at the same time minimalistic design. Yes, our designs are always very compact and minimalistic as we maintain a healthy balance between user-friendliness and project aesthetic appeal.

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