Choosing a copywriter for a project

Sooner or later, you are faced with the fact that you need to order text for a website or mailing list, or an advertising offer. And then you turn to Google with a request to help you find a good copywriter. Just how to do it?

About advertising copywriting services

We analyzed information about copywriting services on several reputable sites.

The first rule of successful advertising is not to criticize competitors, so we will look at the approaches they use. For convenience, the citations will be given first, and then the commentary (for ethical reasons, the sources of the citations are not indicated).

Example 1.

Do you want to order text for a site that makes the reader spend money? Our copywriters are experts in their field and know what words make people do what the advertiser wants.

Pretty aggressive offer. Let’s break it down into its component parts. “Do you need text that makes the reader spend money? ” – the keywords are “need”, “text”, “forces”, “spend money”. That is, your attention is offered a weapon with which you will “break” potential customers, zombify them, hypnotize them to buy your product.

The continuation of the phrase confirms the idea of zombification: “Our copywriters – experts in their field – know what words make people do what the advertiser requires.” Just terrible things. What advertiser wants to be guilty of stealing human souls, which a team of malicious copywriters (just some devils) will bring him on a silver platter?

It may also imply the likelihood that copywriters will be able to make candy out of something unattractive. And it all comes down to the conclusion that as a result, you are offered not advertising, but what is popularly called “nonsense”, and, moreover, professional bullshit. Only now it will never become a quality advertisement.

Example 2.

Are you developing or updating a website, but having difficulty writing text? We know what and how to write on the site so that it makes a profit.

Again, the focus is on profit. Which intuitively involves working at the level of emotions. Not the most profitable option.

Example 3.

We know how to name a product or company so that they are popular.

And again emotions. The people who wrote this are offering you nothing more than the cart before the horse. The firm will be popular, they say, if you name it spectacularly. “Whatever you call a yacht, so it will float” is a statement that seems right, but in fact is absolutely wrong.

Consider the company “SONY”. What would this name tell you if you did not know the products of this company? It sounds somehow dissonant to the domestic ear – “sony”, do they all sleep there or what? And yet, if you were to choose high-quality products for yourself on the market, you would choose the second from Super-duper Goods from Odessa and SONY, despite all the “super-duper” of the first. For some reason, this fact is not taken into account by unfortunate copywriters and other advertising figures.

Example 4.

By ordering a press release from us, you are guaranteed to receive a high-quality, stylistically consistent product that will be created by our copywriters. We are also able to distribute your press release.

It is strange that these people talk about literacy and style. First: a stylistically clumsy combination of grammatical tenses (“ordering” – “get” instead of “ordering” – “get”).

Secondly, the expression “styled” does not make sense at all. It would be more correct “stylistically correctly (competently) designed.”

Thirdly, “are able to distribute” – it seems that it will cost the company incredible efforts (“capable”), but it will do it as if reluctantly (redundant conjunction “and”).

Look closely at the quality of advertising. Very often, copywriters give out their illiteracy already in self-promotion.

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