The website today in many businesses is the main platform for trading, selling and promoting their services. Even if a business sells its services mainly offline, it needs a website at least so that potential customers can make sure that the business exists and that it is serious.

Today, a business without its own website does not inspire confidence and is doomed to lose its position in a competitive environment. Accordingly, the site is needed and it also needs to be promoted. After all, what is the purpose of a site that no one knows about?

Today you can order and promote a site on the Internet in various ways.

  1. Make a website on your own using website builders, various services that allow you to create websites even without knowledge of web programming and SEO optimization. This option is suitable for those who plan to seriously study website development in the future, because otherwise this site will not get into the TOP of search engines, which means it will not receive traffic and orders. Free website builders do not guarantee the quality of your project and often contain numerous restrictions on its promotion.

  2. Order a site in the studio. The option is practical, as the studios have sufficient potential to implement the most complex web projects, however, as a rule, they are quite expensive. The fact is that studios have to rent premises, as well as maintain a staff of administrative workers – accounting, lawyers, security, project managers. For example, the average price of an online store in Kyiv web studios is 6 thousand dollars, which is often unprofitable for start-up businesses.

  3. Order a site in FolkWeb. Our project combines the main advantages of the work of the studio and freelancers: well-coordinated work of a ready-made, already organized team, affordable prices, prompt execution, a wide range of diverse services for your business. At the same time, we not only create sites, but also promote them, and also provide support for your site for the entire period of our cooperation.

  4. Order a freelance website. Today there are many freelance exchanges where you can find contractors for website development. However, there is also a certain inconvenience here – each contractor performs only a certain part of the work, for example, programming in php or doing layout, or writing texts (copywriter). Thus, you will have to independently select a team of freelancers for your project, and this is often time consuming. In addition, different freelancers will not be able to work smoothly and on time.

You should choose our studio to develop or promote your website, as well as to design a label or packaging, if only because our functional graphic design studio has been an indispensable assistant in business for more than a year.

The texts of advertising articles are compiled by professional journalists with experience in the press and on television.

Graphic projects are developed by qualified designers.

Video screensavers are created for you by experienced editors and specialists in three-dimensional graphics.

Веб дизайн. Как заказать сайт в Интернете

Why FolkWeb sites are the best choice?

Sites are optimized for search engines (with the help of special technology, we increase the likelihood that your site will be discovered by search engines, which means that it will be seen by Internet users).

Load quickly.

Original in their design.

The color scheme is selected taking into account the psychological characteristics of potential visitors, the target audience of the site.

Sites are compact.

The information on the page is arranged in a form that is easy to understand.

The price is much lower than the quality of the work.

Convenient form of payment (bank transfer).

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