Mailing lists or email marketing is a service of periodic “reminder” mailing of information about goods or services to the mail database of your customers. It is worth ordering a mailing list from email marketing specialists if you have a ready-made database of your customers’ email addresses. If it is not there, then we do not recommend sending it to the acquired databases of mail addresses – at best, your letters will not be read, at worst, your address will fall into spam and the black list of domains.

Why mailing lists?

  1. The target audience. Unlike cold calls, Internet and outdoor advertising, as well as flyers, mailing lists are always an appeal only to the target audience that is 100% interested in your product. If a client bought from you 1 time, then information about other goods and services will be of interest to him for sure, and he will buy again.

    Efficiency. The mailing list is formed in a few hours, and its reach is hundreds of potential buyers. Inform a huge audience about your special offers and new products in a matter of hours!

    High conversion. A sufficiently large percentage of those who receive the mailing list perform targeted actions – go to the site and make a purchase. It’s profitable!

Postal mailings. Email Marketing

Why are mailing lists not working?

Correctly setting up mailing lists is very important, since their performance and efficiency directly depend on this.

Even a well-designed advertising mailing can be a shot to nowhere if competitors are not previously audited, the audience is not carefully selected and segmented, a unique selling proposition is not developed, and a number of important nuances are not taken into account, thanks to which advertising mailings bring orders.

Emails that don’t drive brand awareness and sales are a waste of time and money. They definitely do not need your business.

Почтовые рассылки и email маркетинг

Order mailing list for business specialists will quickly and efficiently set up a mailing list for your business, as well as detailed analytics on its effectiveness. We carefully measure all the indicators that affect the effectiveness of the mailing list, conduct split testing, comparing different types and approaches to mailing.

Your mailing list will always work only for the result! And this result will be expressed in an increase in traffic to your site and the number of orders.

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