Along with technological progress, a lot of English terms have penetrated into the Russian language, and recently a real language boom has begun – words of foreign origin are used where necessary and not necessary, even where our domestic terminology can be dispensed with.

Of course, air conditioning is not called a “blower”, but is there any point in sounding in a Western manner, saying “air conditioning”? Or “fashion”, “style”, “hair”, “goalkeeper”, “forward”? And then we are sad that we do not know our native language, and we often speak in words, the meanings of which we either do not understand, or we understand, but not quite. The word “copywriter” was not an exception, which you may have once heard, but most likely immediately forgot its meaning. What kind of creature is this, and how can it be useful in the economy?

As they say in the Yandex company, a copywriter is a person who can quickly and easily shift the thoughts of any author in a style understandable to every user, in other words, a worker with a text. Creating slogans, advertising texts for the product, advertising articles, press releases, filling out sites – all this is the work of a copywriter.

In web design, a copywriter is on the same level as a designer, because together they create the face of this site, only the designer is engaged in design, and the copywriter is filling this design with content.

In countries with a low average data transfer rate on the Internet (to which Ukraine belongs), the work of a copywriter becomes almost decisive. The fact is that information on the site can be transmitted in three main ways: graphics, sound and text. In an environment of low-speed lines, working with graphics and sound on the site becomes very problematic, while the text loads quite quickly. Therefore, the fact that the attention of site visitors will focus on the text content does not need proof. This means that the text should be as informative as possible and “charged” to the target audience of the site.

Giving strength to the text is the task of the copywriter. After all, the text itself is unlikely to have any meaning: the text as text, it can either be noticed or ignored altogether.

What is the difference between a “charged text” and a set of useless phrases?

  • psychological impact on the target audience: all statements are subject to a single plan, a single theme;
  • ultimate information content with maximum compression;
  • clear thematic differentiation into sections and subsections. The text structured in this way is easier to perceive and “assimilate”.
  • lack of information redundancy. That is, if there was already a story about the prices of diapers on a page or website, then you should not go to the prices of expensive diapers and the prices of cheap diapers, to the prices of diapers in other cities, etc.

A good copywriter is not cheap, because high-quality work does not lie on the road. Let’s say you are offered to write a good advertising article or come up with a corporate slogan for 5-10 dollars. It is worth considering, what professional will work for 10 dollars? Probably, one that does not want to be responsible for the order provided. What we pay is what we get.

Профессия Копирайтер (картинка)


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