Texts for the site – what is the secret of copywriting?

Copywriting is a special type of writing texts that has advertising and marketing purposes. The main task of a copywriter is to convince a potential client to buy a product or service.

Why is copywriting important for business?

Copywriting is a key online marketing tool that allows targeted, strategic delivery of words to search engines, which will ultimately rank your site higher in the search results, as well as motivate your visitors to make a purchase. This is the text component of any advertising message. The nature of the entire advertising message will depend on the level at which the text is executed.

Why FolkWeb.NET?

We offer a wide range of copywriting services:

  • Writing unique advertising texts for websites, pages in social networks, forums and blogs, as well as for promotional materials (booklets, flyers, posters, etc.)

  • Creation of effective commercial offers, scenarios for TV and radio advertising.

  • Development of names of products and services, creation of slogans.

  • BONUS: Professional text translation service (English, Russian and Ukrainian).


We effectively solve many business needs:

Do you need text that encourages a potential customer to buy?

We create advertising texts that make a profit.

Are you developing or updating a website, but having difficulty writing text?

We offer a service for writing text for websites, maintaining news feeds.

Do you need a promotional letter for potential clients or a commercial proposal made according to business canons?

With us you can get a high-quality, effective and beautiful product if you use the service of writing advertising and information letters, commercial offers.

Does your product or company need a catchy name or slogan?

We know how to name a product or company, so that they are popular, briefly and succinctly. The naming service is available to you today at FolkWeb.net

Do you need advertising text or script?

Our copywriters will create an effective advertising text, a script for a video, an advertisement – everything you need for your advertisement. You can also order the writing of promotional articles, discourses.

Need a press release?

By ordering a press release from us, you are guaranteed to receive a quality product that will be created by our copywriters.

Also in FolkWeb.net you can use the SEO copywriting service – writing special texts for promotion in search engines, so you can order text for the site using our contacts on the page https://folkweb.net/contact-us/

IMPORTANT: For each job, only those copywriters who do it better than others are involved.

  • Anna quickly and efficiently writes press releases and promotional articles,

  • Ivan will prepare a speech for public speaking.

  • Elena will edit the advertising text,

  • Ekaterina will create an original slogan or product description,

Only the best will work for you.



In fact, a copywriter is a writer who prepares texts taking into account their advertising specifics. The profession "copywriter" does not exist, just as, in our opinion, there can be no profession "creative person". Fantasy and creative eccentricity are difficult to instill in the school and student benches, this is a gift that comes to us from nature.

The combination of creative imagination and advertising technologies gives the very effect that customers expect from us.

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