In the article “How to speed up a WordPress website with plugins”, we already raised the issue that the fewer plugins your site has, the better and faster it will work. However, there are plugins in WordPress that you can’t do without. Features of the engine or something – to be with these additions. You know, like at a wedding – “until death do us part …”

Although, options are possible.

TOP 15 WordPress plugins to install on your website

If you can do without WordPress plugins at all – you are a miracle technician, and perhaps the developer of this very WordPress, since no one else can do without plugins.

This is a kind of sacrifice for the performance and functionality of your site, although slowing it down. Therefore, we certainly share the list of plugins, but if you can work without any of them, then this is only welcome.

1.Akismet Anti-Spam Plugin

This small but very useful plugin is a million years old. And since its inception, not a single competitor has bypassed it. The plugin can easily reduce the amount of comment spam on your site by 90 percent.

2. Contact Form 7 Plugin

Today, no website is complete without a feedback form, and this plugin is the leader among WordPress add-ons for creating simple and functional feedback forms. Plus, most of its features are completely free.

3. Yoast SEO Plugin

Each site needs SEO optimization (SEO) for further promotion in Google or Yandex, and the Yoast SEO plugin allows you to control the SEO optimization of your project on the fly and page by page. In addition, this plugin solves the question “How to generate a sitemap on WordPress”, as it generates xml maps optimized for all known search engines. The plugin has a lot of functions and features, we recommend installing it and carefully studying it – this will help you save money on the services of SEO specialists in the future.

4. Rus-To-Lat Plugin

Plugin for automatic translation of page addresses from Cyrillic to Latin. For WordPress, it is simply an irreplaceable thing, because for some reason such a built-in function will not appear in the engine itself.

5. WP-PageNavi Plugin

With this plugin, not only the standard “Next Article” and “Previous Article” appear on your blog, but also a convenient page-by-page pagination indicating the pages.

6. Plugin Broken Link Checker

A very useful addition to WordPress, which helps to find broken links on the site. Regularly he searches for them automatically.

7. Bazz CallBack Widget Plugin

Callback to the site is completely free. A notification is sent to the mail if someone on your site requests a call back.

8. JetPack Plugin

A whole arsenal of tools to speed up the site, optimize image loading, auto-publish articles on social networks and many other useful features. Recommended for installation.

9. Plugins-translators Loco Translate and Polylang

We install both if we want a multilingual site in several languages.

10. Power Builder and Power Builder Integrator plugins

One of the most convenient visual editors for WordPress. Recommended.

11. Really Simple SSL Plugin

Gets rid of the mixed content error when checking SSL certificates (https). Very cool thing, must-have on sites with https:// Can be varied with SSL Insecure Content Fixer – a similar plugin.

12. W3 Total Cache plugin

By far the most functional and powerful caching plugin on your site. Unfortunately, WordPress sites without caching are real turtles. Therefore, you can’t do without caching on WordPress.

13. Fast Velocity Minify Plugin

Since it practically does not cope with the minification of scripts and styles, so as not to damage the display of site pages, we usually install another plugin called Fast Velocity Minify. He just works on the minification of JS and CSS files, and adequately.

14. WP Logo Showcase Responsive Slider Plugin

Convenient adaptive carousel with which you can show the logos of all your clients and partners.

15. Schema & Structured Data plugin for WP & AMP

The plugin for structured data markup on your pages will allow you to optimize them for search robots. This means they will love your site more. And of course, it is better to understand its content, which means to raise it higher in the search.


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