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for your website

  • External SEO optimization, link building
  • Internal SEO optimization
  • Solving problems with site indexing
  • Bringing website to the TOP-10 Google in 6 months

Your site will be in the TOP of search queries on your subject!

Our Clients:

Do you want to see your site in the TOP 10 Google?


The “SEO website promotion” service allows to increase visibility of a web project in search results. It includes a set of measures to optimize the site and ensure the growth of its positions. The higher the site in the search, the more likely it is to be found by your potential customers. And for this you need to promote the site.

Why FolkWEB?

You daily receive dozens of letters from various studios with offers for website promotion. BUT we are ready to offer you something more:

Absolute transparency of work at every stage. You will clearly understand what is being done and why. SEO is not magic, but regular work that can be UNDERSTAND + MEASURE + AGREE.

Affordable prices. A special scheme of working with freelancers allowed us to reduce the cost of our services for you by exactly TWO TIMES compared to other SEO studios in Kyiv (Ukraine).

You pay for the result – at each stage, an advance payment is made only for each item of tasks, and not for the entire stage as a whole. It’s economical and safe.

Site promotion on the Internet, which starts with 5 steps from FolkWeb, will allow your site to grow and develop in the future almost independently.

Some of our works:

How will we bring your website to the TOP?


We will conduct a full audit and internal website optimization. If the project structure is broken, there are broken links, meta tags are missing, texts are copied or there are other errors, you need to edit the site.


We will analyze the competitive environment, identify ways to advance in the Google TOP-10, conduct external SEO optimization of the web resource, launch targeted contextual advertising, activate social networks and mailing lists.


We will ensure that the site is regularly updated with SEO-optimized texts, we will bring it to the TOP for the main search queries. Without regular work with the site, sooner or later it will begin to lose its positions.

Simple and Affordable

Many web studios promise to do “something” and bring the site to the TOP-10 for the main search queries, but they don’t tell the client anything specific. An illusion of magical actions with the site is created, which are available only to “initiates”. In fact, there is nothing mysterious in SEO optimization – only strategically thought-out mechanics and a number of regular works.