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  • Effective marketing positioning
  • SWOT-analysis
  • Marketing planning

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What we will do to develop a marketing strategy for you:

  1. Setting the main goals and objectives based on the principles of your company.
  2. Determination of the current state of the enterprise (internal audit of the company, reporting).
  3. SWOT analysis.
  4. Market research (volumes, segmentation, trends).
  5. Identifying competitors, research of their strengths and weaknesses.
  6. Drawing up a portrait of the consumer, analysis of the characteristics of the target audience.
  7. Determination of the enterprise development and marketing strategy based on the 4P model.
  8. Definition of the tasks necessary for the implementation of the marketing strategy (assortment and pricing policy, sales policy, promotion policy).
  9. Support and monitoring of the implementation of the strategy, evaluation of intermediate and final results.

What do you have to know about the strategy?

What marketing strategy is?

Activities aimed at achieving the goals of the company, the development strategy of the brand and the company as a whole – this is the marketing strategy. In fact, these are ways to achieve the company’s goals in the market, analysis of the competitive environment, risks and forecasting results.

Why does a company need marketing strategy?

A successful marketing strategy helps to achieve outstanding results: maintaining the brand’s position in the market, increasing the number of sales and increasing the company’s market share, capturing new markets, increasing the number of committed consumers, and successfully introducing new products and services to the market.

Who needs the marketing strategy?

  • Startups that are just planning to enter the market.

  • Enterprises seeking to reach the next level of business, improve their position, conquer new segments, bring a new product to the market.
  • Firms experiencing a temporary downturn in sales and operations in general.
  • Companies that have already started their business and require the formation of audience loyalty to their product (goods).

Terms of creating a strategy

The development of a marketing strategy depends on the characteristics of the company, its potential and resources.

On average, the development of a successful marketing strategy takes from 1 to 6 weeks (in some cases it can take up to 10 weeks).

The timing of the development of a marketing strategy is agreed with the customer before the start of work on the company’s development strategy.

Good strategy = wonderful results


The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself

Peter Drucker

“The goal of marketing is to minimize sales efforts. Ideally, marketing should create a ready-to-buy consumer”

Peter Drucker


The man who stops advertising to save money, is like the man who stops a clock to save time”

Henry Ford

“I don’t know what result advertising will bring me, but even if I earn a dollar, I will invest it in advertising”

Henry Ford